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Company Profile


Zhejiang Saintyear Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. affiliated to Zhejiang Saintyear Holding Group,established in 2004, dedicated to the EMC/EMI and thermal interface materials developing,manufacturing and service. The company regards independent innovation as the strategic basis point of the development of high-tech industry, and strengthens the dominant position of enterprise technology innovation. The company integrates various innovative elements, focuses on the breakthrough points of key technologies, strengthens popularization and application, promotes the industrialization of high-tech projects, and strives to implement technology spanning in the dominant field.

The company has an excellent R & D team which stands on the basis of independence and self-reliance, and has long-term cooperation with Zhejiang University, chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute,Donghua University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and other research institutes and universities to make a large number of research and development achievements and honors. By the end of 2014, the company had obtained 11 items of authorizing the invention patents.The company has undertaken the national SME Technology Innovation Fund and the Torch Program national scientific research project. In 2008, the company was identified as the first batch of national high-tech enterprises. In 2010,the company was named as a key high-tech enterprise of torch program. In 2013, the company’s R&D center was identified as the Hangzhou hi-tech enterprise R&D Center. In 2014, the company successfully passed there-recognition of national high-tech enterprises.

Zhejiang Saintyear Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. has excellent R& D capability, advanced manufacturing capability and quality control capability. The company long-term focuses on electronic field of new materials.The product quality is stable and the product line is gradually rich. The company’s products are widely used in military industry, telecommunication, IT and aviation. The company’s products occupy the whole domestic market and exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Hungary, the United Kingdom and so on. Many famous companies use our products, such as Samsung, Apple, Panasonic and so on.

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