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Thermal materials

New energy vehicles use thermal conductivity materials

The thermal conductivity of 1.2~2.0W/m k 

it is extremely low, which is more effective in protecting the high viscous surface of automobile components, 

it can reduce the contact thermal resistance

it  has the characteristics of high strength and high elasticity.

Thermal Pad

Thermal Conductivity: 1.2~5.2 W/m.k
Low strain forces effectively protect the electrical components
High viscosity surface reduce the temperature

Silicone Grease

Thermal Conductivity: 1.2~4.1 W/m.k
Thermal resistance can be as low as 0.009℃.in 2/W(@ 50 psi)
Low thermal resistance transmit the heat better
Thoroughly moisten the surface to improve the heat transfer
Safety and environment protection
RoHS compatible

Thermal Insulator

Thermal resistance: 0.39℃.in 2/W(@ 50 psi)
High insulating property and withstand voltage property
Easy to use
Flame retardant rating: V-0


Thermal Conductivity: 3.0 W/m.k
Good plasticity
Perfect wetting ability reduce thermal resistance
Flame retardant rating: V-0

Graphite Sheet

Thermal Conductivity of X-Y direction: 240~250 W/m.k
Thermal Conductivity of Z direction: 6~10 W/m.k
Flame retardant rating: V-0
Extra-low thermal resistance
Soft and easy to use
RoHS compatible

Phase Change Material

Phase Change Material
Very low thermal resistance
High stickiness surface, easy to use
RoHS recognized
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