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Thermal Insulator

SY-SP 190


Features and Benefits:
Low thermal resistance 0.55 °C?in2/W (@ 50 psi)
High insulating property and withstand voltage property
Wear-resisting, not easily pierced and easy to use
Flame retardant rating: V-0

SY-SP 190 Thermal insulator specially designed for the occasion which need excellent heat transfer, insulativity and voltage resistance. Thermal insulator is a kind of insulating material which use glass fiber as high elastomer  reinforcing material. Thermal insulator has excellent cutting resistance and heat conducting and is widely used in electronic industries.

When you use, you can choose the different thickness of thermal insulator pieces according to the size of the fever interface and clearance height, and then fill the gap between the fever interface and its components. Thermal insulator has thermal conductivity and insulativity. You can also choose the products with adhesive film or single side stamp.

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