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SY-TP 350


Features and Benefits:
Thermal Conductivity 3.5 W/m·k
Good plasticity and can replace withthe thermal grease
Very good wettability and low thethermal resistance
V-0 flame rating class

SY-TP350 thermalputty is one kind of the thermal interface materials which has very low forcedeformation. It has good plasticity comparable with plasticine. It is suitablefor the radiating modules or components which have big change thickness. It hasinherent adhesion features, dispense with adhesion layer, meanwhile keepwettability and cover the microcosmic uneven surface so that make the mating parts full contact, thusimprove the heat conduction efficiency.

 Different with the thermal grease, SY-TP 350 thermal puttydon’t have the sedimentation phenomenon. It is suitable for screen printing orcoating. The thickness can be special customized. 

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