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Quality control

The quality of products is the life of enterprise. In a decade development, We always adhere to improve the quality of products to meet the needs of customers. The quality control of us covers the research and development, raw material, working process, inspection and transportation. We try our best to guarantee the quality of products .

Excellent capability of research and development
Innovation is the driving force for progress of enterprise. The stable quality is inseparable from the strength of enterprise' innovation. We believes that the research work is a essential condition for guarantee the quality of enterprise. So, we keep pace with the times to promote the improvement of quality control methods.

Advanced production
We confirm that production is a key link to guarantee products' quality. We are unable to achieve customer satisfaction if we do not have stable and strong production capacity. Therefore,we pay attention to every detail of the production process to meet customers' demand.

Quick response to customers' demands
The headquarters of our company is located in Hangzhou. In addition to the headquarters of our company, our company also set up business office in Kunshan Jiangsu to service East China, Shenzhen Guangdong to service  Southern China, Chongqing to service Southwest China. We adhere to provide timely and convenient service with customers. So we established a perfect communication system and a high quality team to contact with customer.

After a decade's effort, our company as topping technicians and quality products up to the advanced international level. Our products are used in  electronics, communication, IT, military industries, etc. The products of our company not only meet the requirement of EU ROHS and USA UL, but also passed ISO9001 International Quality Control System Certification and ISO14001International Environment Control System Certification.

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